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Environmental Services

Wright Environmental Services is an environmental consulting and engineering firm that delivers a wide range of consulting, construction, engineering and removal services to commercial, industrial and government entities.

The combined resources of Wright Environmental Services produce a project driven environmental team that is capable of addressing a wide range of environmental and engineering problems. WES is able to furnish a broad array of professional environmental services including: Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), subsurface site investigations, Underground Storage Tank (UST) Services, geological and hydrogeological investigation services, regulatory planning and consultation, recovery and disposal of both solid and liquid wastes, mobile vacuum truck services, remediation system design and installation, and general construction and demolition.

Some of our important areas of experience and expertise include the following:

  • Development of SPCC & SWPP plans
  • Underground storage tank management
  • Risk-Based Environmental Site Assessments
  • Mobile dual phase extraction
  • Monitoring well installations
  • Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis
  • Remedial Action Plans and design
  • Geological and hydrological investigations
  • Closure services for non-hazardous oilfield waste (NOW) sites
  • Removal, transport and disposal of liquid non-hazardous wastes
  • Excavation, transport and disposal of contaminated soils
  • Removal and repair of above or below ground storage tanks
  • Remedial equipment installation, operation and maintenance
  • Confined space entries
  • Emergency Response

Headquartered in Plano, Texas with offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Arlington, Texas, WES has the personnel and capabilities necessary to resolve most clients environmental concerns.